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Data backup & recovery
We can help you back up your important personal data (photos, videos, documents, school work, etc.) to disk and cloud with no hassles.
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Laptop & Mac Upgrade
Laptop gone down? Don’t worry! Our qualified, friendly laptop repair technicians will bring it back to life.
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Repair Smartphone
Problem Phon? We’ll solve it. From corrupted hard drives to infected machines, Lapi-Care is your personal army of tech-savvy geeks.
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Tablet Repair
We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff
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Repair PC & Laptop Hardware
Problem PC? We’ll solve it. We’re who you call when your desktop runs slow and your programs stop working.
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Network Solution
We will diagnose your issues, provide you with options and give you a price for FREE!
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Repair Power Supply
All Switch Mode Power Supplies Repairing Secrets And Start Power Supply Repairing Work From The Comfort Of Your Home Using our Time-Tested Techniques
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Assemble PC
Whether you're building a Gaming PC or a general purpose computer, it can help you pick the best parts that fits right in your budget.
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Software Installation
With the assistant professional we are providing Software Installations Services to the clients
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Touch Screen Replacement
A home touchscreen repair could be easier and far cheaper than you think
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Game Console Repair
We’re gamers too and we know how serious gamers are about their consoles, so our game console repair is a quick and painless process so that you can get back to your favorite games faster.
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